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Lowongan di Garuda Indonesia

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 22.2.13 | 22.2.13

Garuda Indonesia adopted a Human Capital Management approach which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in

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Garuda Indonesia adopted a Human Capital Management approach which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in the service industry, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges the importance of human resources in creating a strong and sustainable corporate performance. Therefore, since 2005 the Company has actively redefined its policies and human resources systems in order to be aligned with the Company's grand strategy and objectives. For Garuda Indonesia, people have always been the main priority. Employees can be viewed as human capital, implying that Garuda Indonesia's employees have knowledge, skills and potential work habits that can support the Company's productivity. In order to become valuable capital with a strong contribution to the organization, every employee has to have a healthy work spirit and hence will be competent enough for the organization.

Job Vacancy

List of available job opportunity in Garuda Indonesia

# Position Date Posted Application Deadline
1.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN LOMBOK (JUL 2013)1 February 201330 June 2013
2.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN GORONTALO (JUN 2013)1 February 201323 June 2013
3.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN MANADO (JUN 2013)1 February 201316 June 2013
4.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PONTIANAK (JUN 2013)1 February 20139 June 2013
5.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PALEMBANG (JUNI 2013)1 February 20132 June 2013
6.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN YOGYAKARTA (MEI 2013)1 February 201326 May 2013
7.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PEKANBARU (MEI 2013)1 February 201319 May 2013
8.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN SEMARANG (MEI 2013)1 February 201312 May 2013
9.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN MAKASSAR (MEI 2013)1 February 20135 May 2013
10.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN DENPASAR (APR 2013)1 February 201321 April 2013
11.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN SURABAYA (APR 2013)1 February 201314 April 2013
12.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN MEDAN (APR 2013)1 February 20137 April 2013
13.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN BANDUNG (APR 2013)1 February 201331 March 2013
14.CHEF ON BOARD7 February 201310 March 2013
15.INFORMASI AWAK KABIN HAJI 20135 February 201331 December 2013
16.EXPERIENCED PILOT VACANCY28 October 201231 October 2013

Lowongan Kerja di ACE Hardware

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 9.2.13 | 9.2.13

Work at Airbus

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 31.3.12 | 31.3.12

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Airbus leads the way in innovation by attracting the most talented people, which is why we want the best. We offer a range of different career opportunities depending on individual needs and aspirations, whilst adapting to different stages in professional development. 

Airbus offers current students the opportunity to gain insight into the working world of aerospace through the internships and apprenticeship programmes.  These opportunities allow students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, while developing practical skills such as communication, project management and international team working.

For graduates, several opportunities exist to begin work in Airbus. These range from international experiences to structured entry programmes in different technical and business areas, within Airbus or as part of the EADS group.

If you are not certain which programme is right for you, start by using the Programme Matcher, to determine where your experience and skills can be applied for your development. 







Programme matcher

Programme matcher

Lowongan di Air Asia

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 25.3.12 | 25.3.12

Browse all positions by departments; surely you'll find something 
– or a few things – that's right up your alley.

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Lowongan di Lion Air

As one of the leading private carriers in Indonesia, we’re always on the look out for highly motivated and service oriented people who are ready to make their mark on our operations. All our people share our passion, energy, drive and commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations. The Lion Air promise is to put the customer and their experience of travelling with us on the forefront of everything we do.

Friendly and yet always professional, ours is a unique business to work in. So long as you’re prepared to have a great time delivering excellent service, we’d love to hear from you.

Lowongan ke Dubai dan Timur Tengah

Lowongan Pekerjaan di The Emirates Group

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 16.3.12 | 16.3.12

The Emirates Group continues to grow and support the progression of the UAE and Dubai, through embracing all areas of commerce and tourism. Our high-class performance is the result of sustained quality standards from hard-working and loyal staff and management. We aim to consistently develop our business nationally and internationally with the highest standards of quality and service by recruiting the best.

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Lowongan Pekerjaan di Negara-Negara Timur Tengah

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 14.3.12 | 14.3.12

Lowongan Awak Kabin Haji Garuda Indonesia

Written By Yayan Suyanto on 13.3.12 | 13.3.12

Info Lowongan dan Jadwal Rekrutment menjadi Awak Kabin Haji di Garuda Indonesia. Periode rekrutment untuk keberangkatan haji tahun ini sudah berjalan, Insya Allah masih ada kesempatan di tahun depan.
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